What Your Shop Needs To Know About Paint Booth Filters

What Your Shop Needs To Know About Paint Booth Filters

What Your Shop Needs To Know About Paint Booth Filters

When it comes to your paint booth, the filters are one of the most important components. They help your paint booth bake cycle run more efficiently, but they also make sure your body shop is safe for technicians. If you’re filtration system isn’t operating properly, you’ll run into problems with over-spray and clogging. Once you begin to see over-spray, it means your filters aren’t cleaning the air in the way they should be– risking your technician’s health, your shop’s safety, and the quality of your finishes.

Luckily for you, it’s pretty easy to set up a schedule and maintain your filters on a regular basis. Below, we have a few things you should know about filters in your paint booth.

You Need To Always Prioritize Filter Maintenance

Changing and maintaining your filters is the most important thing you have to do for your paint booth and shop. While the quality of your filters will dictate when they need to be changed, you’ll need to set up a schedule for regular maintenance. Needless to say, you should take your filter changes seriously because they can impact the quality of your work and the health and safety of your technicians.

Keep Track Of The Amount Of Vehicles You Paint

There are many things that can help you keep track of when filters should be changed, but it’s always important to track how many vehicles you paint each month. Let’s say you paint 60 a month, that’s drastically different than 300 and will require a much different schedule. No matter what, every shop has its own needs and will have to set up a schedule tailored towards their operations. Nowadays, most booths can keep track of your number of sprays since your last filter change.

Monitor And Maintain Your Exhaust Filters

Majority of booths already have one filter, but you should definitely also monitor your exhaust filters as well. Exhaust filters commonly get dirty very quickly and tend to build up over-spray very easily. Your exhaust filters out chemical and paint spray debris / residue and tend to run the most throughout a regular work day.

Garmat Paint Booths

At Garmat USA, we are all about production efficiencies both for your shop, and for our operation. We thrive on coming up with new methods to address the needs of our customers while meeting their budgets.

We are also dedicated to helping you save on your cost of operation. Garmat USA equipment is designed to reduce energy consumption, giving you the best possible return on your investment.

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