Best Paint Booth For Your Body Shop

Best Paint Booth For Your Body Shop

What Is The Best Paint Booth For Your Body Shop?

As someone in the auto body business, you know how much body shops rely on paint booths. In fact, spray booths are one of the most important aspects of the repair processes. A properly maintained booth can drastically reduce cycle time and increase throughput; however, it can also become a bottleneck if you don’t have the right one for your shop (or maintain it well).

Outside of efficiency, spray booths are also an essential way to improve technician safety. All paint booth manufacturers must be compliant with safety groups, such as NEC, OSHA, and NFPA in order to be used. This means your technicians can avoid fire hazards, breathing in chemicals / toxic fumes, and much more as long as proper protocol is followed.

Three Types Of Paint Booths
  • Non-Pressurized Spray Booths: In a non-pressurized spray booth, the system pulls air into the booth and then out again using a series of filters. In some instances, you may need a heated air make up unit.
  • Open-Face Spray Booths: When it comes to open-face spray booths, there are typically two side walls, a ceiling, and a rear exhaust system.
  • Pressurized Spray Booths: A pressurized spray booth is enclosed and filters air to the outdoors while simultaneously drawing it in at the same volume. This type of booth can help the environment stay very clean.
Four Paint Booth Configurations
  • Side Downdraft Spray Booths: Airflow moves from the ceiling into the exhaust system located on the sidewalls.
  • Downdraft Spray Booths: Airflow moves from the ceiling into the floor. There are a variety of styles, and some may include a “pit” underneath.
  • Cross Flow Spray Booths: Airflow travels from the front of the booth, to the back, and then to the side.
  • Semi-Downdraft Spray Booths: Airflow travels from the ceiling of the booth to the rear.
What Paint Booth Is Right For Your Auto Body Shop?

While both the booths types and configurations have their pros and cons, it ultimately comes down to what you need. If you need very high-quality finishes, then the side downdraft and downdraft spray booths are typically are the best options. However, if you’re concerned about price, then the semi-downdraft and cross draft spray booths are a great choice.

Garmat Can Help!

At Garmat USA, we are all about production efficiencies both for your shop, and for our operation.

We thrive on coming up with new methods to address the needs of our customers while meeting their budgets.

We are also dedicated to helping you save on your cost of operation. Garmat USA equipment is designed to reduce energy consumption, giving you the best possible return on your investment.

Every product and every improvement is developed with your business goals in mind- Lowering your operating costs and Increasing your production.

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