How Often Should You Change The Filters In Your Paint Booth?

How Often Should You Change The Filters In Your Paint Booth?

It can be tough to know how often you should change the filters in your paint booth. However, it’s good to remember that the filters in your paint booth are pivotal to operating at maximum efficiency. They primarily collect over spray during the paint booth bake cycle and make sure the air in the booth is clean. But, they also prevent over spray from escaping the exhaust chambers and help maintain a cleaner finish on all of the vehicles.

Monitoring Over Spray And Air Quality: How Often Should You Change The Filters In Your Paint Booth?

At the end of the day, there are a few ways you can figure out whether your filters need to be changed. In most instances you’ll look for any visual cues in the air; however, you’ll also use a gauge that can tell you. If you start to see changes in the air of the booth, such as the paint lingering, then it’s probably time to change your filters. If you aren’t sure, there are visual gauges out there that monitor the filters.

If your filters are still new and it seems like everything is okay with them, then the issue may e with other parts of your paint booth. No matter what, having a manometer in your paint booth to track the air quality is an absolute must– just be sure you properly calibrate it before you do anything.

After the calibration and clean installation of filters, be sure that the manometer is set to 0 when your paint booth is in use. Beyond that, you should also mark a line where the gauge oil measures for a point of reference for what it should be. Beyond that, mark .25 – .5 higher on the water column for a clean benchmark on the resistance your filters will be set at. No matter what it’s good to look at EPA and OSHA recommendations in your state. So, if your manometer readings rise, it means your filters are filled with over spray and you should change them.

Conclusion: How Often Should You Change The Filters In Your Paint Booth?

To get the most life out of your paint booth, it’s important to regularly check and change your filters. You want to reduce over-spray, meet proper regulations, and prioritize high-quality finishes on all of the vehicles coming through. Remember to get a visual gauge and be aware of any changes you see in the paint booth air quality.

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