Benefits Of Switching From Solvent To Waterborne Paint

Benefits Of Switching From Solvent To Waterborne Paint

Benefits Of Switching From Solvent To Waterborne Paint

If you go to your search bar and look up "waterborne paint" you'll find plenty of links talking about all of the benefits it has in comparison to solvent based paint. Information, such as this, has been going around for years now, Back in 2012, SEMA even posted an article showing how waterborne paint is changing the auto industry. In the last several years alone, waterborne paint has slowly become a pivotal part of the auto industry's painting process. So, if you’re considering making the switch from solvent to waterborne paint, the time is now.

When it comes to waterborne paint, there are plenty of benefits.

The Benefits of Waterborne Paint

According to SEMA's, Josh Stewart:

Waterborne Paint Is Environmentally Friendly: In comparison to solvent-based paints that contain a variety of volatile organic compounds and other hazardous air pollutants, waterborne is much cleaner. Waterborne has significantly fewer toxins and will dissipate from the air faster than solvent-based paint. Beyond that, it's also less flammable and easier to meet safety regulations.

Waterborne Paint Is Significantly Less Dangerous For Employees: Since it’s much cleaner than solvent-based paint, waterborne paint promotes a healthier and safer work environment for your employees. This means fewer hazards and a workplace free of any potential injuries or problems.

Waterborne Paint Costs Less: Unlike solvent-based paints that have additives, thinners, or hardeners, waterborne paint doesn’t require them. This means that in the big picture, you’re saving quite a big chunk of change. Outside of that, there are even reports suggesting that you need less waterborne paint to cover the same area as solvent-based paints– plus, they tend to have a much longer shelf life than the competition.

Waterborne Paint Creates Finer Finishes With Fewer Flaws: Waterborne simply creates better, glossier, finishes in comparison to solvent-based paint– which means less clear-coat finishes are needed. Along with the money saving we already talked about, it’ll also save you quite a bit of time. Beyond that, waterborne is also an excellent deterrent against corrosion.

Waterborne Paint Is Extremely Durable: Waterborne paint does very well in heat, is resistant to abrasion, and can maintain a glossy finish for very long periods of time.

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