How To Clean Your Paint Booth

How To Clean Your Paint Booth

How To Clean Your Paint Booth - 5 Essential Tips

In the body shop business, you know paint booths are a pretty expensive investment. However, with the right maintenance, they can last decades at a time. Below, we have 5 essential tips for cleaning your paint booth.

  • Prevent Or Remove Over-Spray
  • Maintain The Fan
  • Maintain The Air Unit
  • Remove Contaminants
  • How You Can Properly Clear Debris
Prevent Or Remove Over-Spray

Anyone in the body shop business knows how much of a problem over-spray can be. In fact, it’s the most common issue for paint booths. It can build up on your floors, walls, ceilings, and even on equipment. In order to prevent that, you should use a spray-on paint booth coating. It’s very easy to peel off, and protects everything from over-spray and other contaminants.

However, it’s important to also prevent over-spray from getting on the light fixtures in your booth. To keep your lights safe, you have to put a mask over them to avoid over-spray build-up. Beyond that, you should also prioritize a floor covering for your booth.

Maintain The Fan

When it comes to paint booths, the fan is one of the few things that will need to be consistently maintained. To prevent wear-and-tear, read the manufacturer’s manual and follow the maintenance plan listed within.

Outside of that, prioritize a high-quality filter. Filters keep over-spray from accumulating on the vehicles and equipment in your shop. However, filters are to be replaced on a regular maintenance schedule. If you don’t have a set schedule, then you will very likely end up with over-spray. Most booths come standard with a manometer, which informs you of the booth’s air quality and whether a filter change is needed.

Maintain The Air Unit

The maintenance steps for your air units will depend on the manufacturer. However, it’s important to follow exactly what the manual tells you to do.

Remove Contaminants

To prevent contaminants from getting inside, be sure all necessary areas have been sealed with either sealant or caulk. However, you should also regularly clean the interior of your booth through standard methods.

How You Can Properly Clear Debris

While you should always take preventative measures, if your paint booth does end up dirty, there are a few options available. You can put a booth coating all over the interior of a dirty booth to remove debris. There are also non-sparking scrapers you can use. Beyond that, you can clean the interior with a solvent solution using a sponge mob. Do not use a cotton mop, ever.

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