How Useful Are Peelable Paint Booth Coatings?

How Useful Are Peelable Paint Booth Coatings?

How Useful Are Peelable Paint Booth Coatings?

Over the last several years, peelable paint booth coatings have become a pretty popular thing in the automotive industry. However, while they’re very useful, there are probably a few of you reading this thinking, “but why would I need these in my booth?” The short answer is that it protects your booth, technicians, and shop. Beyond that, they’re pretty easy to apply and remove, so protecting your booth and keeping its interior clean is very simple.

Below, we have 4 ways peelable paint booth coatings can help you

How Useful Are Peelable Paint Booth Coatings

While having a quality paint booth will help you create finer finishes, having that extra layer of protection in the form of peelable paint booth coatings will help maintain that quality. As long as you maintain your booth and keep it in tip-top-shape, you’ll have no problems producing finer finishes. When it comes to peelable paint booth coatings, they’re typically offered in clear or white. If you use the white, it’ll help create a more reflective, brighter, environment for you to spray in– which will ultimately assist you in better paint applications.

It Helps Create A Safer Environment

Outside of being flammable and causing rougher finishes, over-spray also has quite a bit of dirt and debris in it. Over time, this can be pretty dangerous for your technicians and the rest of your shop. As we said before, if enough of it builds up, it can leak out into the rest of the shop (or even outside), and accumulate on equipment and vehicles not in the booth.

Under normal circumstances, the fans and filters in your booth will keep over-spray from building up too much. However, this requires you to keep them clean and well maintained. If too much over-spray builds up in the fans, filters, and exhaust vents, the booth will stop functioning properly and you’ll likely see over-spray lingering in the air.

When it comes down to it, peelable paint booth coatings can capture over-spray and protect all of your booth’s surfaces. Beyond that, it’ll help prevent your technicians from breathing it in while also avoiding any potential fire hazards.

It Helps Protect Your Paint Booth’s Interior

Just like any purchase, you want to keep your paint booth in as good of shape as possible to get the most life out of it. In the same vein you get seat covers or floor mats for a new vehicle, peelable paint booth coatings can protect your booth from potential damage from debris.

Whenever you’re spraying a vehicle, majority of the paint will be applied to the car. However, rogue particles will always find their way onto the floors, walls, and even the technicians. The industry terminology used for this is “over-spray” and if not managed, it can create rougher finishes, but also collect on things outside of the booth. Beyond that, over-spray can be very dangerous. If enough of it gathers on a surface, it can become flammable, and in some instances, it could even spontaneously combust. So, needless to say, preventing over-spray from building up is very important.

It Helps You Save Time

Paint booth coatings are pretty easy to apply, and require little hassle to peel away when you’re done. It’s a great way to keep your booth clean and all you do is spray it on your floors and walls. One or two layers of spray are more than enough to protect your floors and walls, and it can save your technicians a lot of time when painting and maintaining the booth. Once you’re done, all you have to do is peel one of the corners and then the rest comes with it.

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